How to flash firmware to Qualcomm Smartphones with QFIL

This tutorial is for everyone looking for methods and step by step guide on How to flash firmware to Qualcomm smartphones with QFIL.

QFIL is an acronym for Qualcomm Flash Image Loader which from the name, you can tell what it does.

QFIL is a software that helps flash stock firmware files to Qualcomm snapdragon smartphones with ease.

There are many reasons you’d wish to flash your phone such as brick reason, sluggish performance, etc.

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Today, I am going to show you how to flash firmware to Qualcomm Smartphones with QFIL.

Before you begin, there are a few things you’d need on your desk.

The Needful:

  1. Qualcomm Flash Image Loader(QFIL).
  2. Qualcomm USB Driver
  3. Charge your smartphone and PC.
  4. A good USB cord.

When you get all the things above, then, you are good to go

Let us begin

Flash firmware to Qualcomm Smartphones with QFIL

Download and copy Qualcomm Flash Image Loader(QFIL) to a folder you can easily locate.

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Install the Qualcomm USB Driver.

Extract the firmware you wish to flash.

Launch QFIl software and you will get the screen below

Load XML in QFIL

Click the browse button on QFIL to locate the firmware you want to flash.

The firmware must be located at the folder where you extracted it.

Plugin your phone with the USB cord and drop it to avoid interrupting the flashing.

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Click download and the flashing will begin.

It will take a few minutes to finish.

Once it is done, unplug your phone and enjoy the new firmware.

If you experience any problem on how to flash firmware to Qualcomm Smartphones with QFIL, do not hesitate to tell us below.

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How To Flash Firmware

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