How to flash Samsung phones

Today my friends, I am going to show you how to flash Samsung phones using Odin.

Whether you call it flashing or to install rom on Samsung phones, its still the same thing.

Flashing of a smartphone is not easy, it’s risky but sometimes, we just have to do it.

There are reasons why sometimes, you just need to flash that Samsung smartphone.

Some of the reasons go below

  1. To factory your phone.
  2. Remove screen lock
  3. Remove Google lock
  4. Fix lagging
  5. Fix bootloop after flashing wrong firmware
  6. Downgrade or upgrade your Samsung smartphone.
  7. Fix system problem or app crashing problem.

To be frank, flashing could fix some of the issues but not all of them.

Some might be a hardware related issue and some software issues.

You have to be aware that flashing new firmware cannot remove Google FRP instead, you need to flash FRP separately.

Now, let’s begin. Before we begin, we are going to need a few working tools.

What is required to flash Samsung phones using Odin

  • A Windows PC.
  • Odin Flashing software for Windows.
  • Samsung USB Drivers.
  • A good USB cable that can connect to PC.
  • Samsung drivers for Samsung Model.
  • The Samsung rom firmware for your phone.
  • Samsung Kies software
  • Your carefulness

Please note that this article is for educational purposes, smartphones and electronics can misbehave and could give different results per user end.

You are doing this totally on your own. We have tried this method and it worked very well for us. We hope it works for you as well.

The first thing you have to do is properly install drivers on your PC.

Download and install Samsung Kies to your PC, it helps to install the right driver for your Samsung smartphone.

You can confirm whether it installed the driver by launching the Samsung Kies and plugging your phone to see if it connects.

If it does, you are good to go, if it doesn’t, you can manually install the driver by downloading the driver for your Samsung model and install it.

To be on a safer side, you can just install the driver for your model manually, then Kies can update it if needed.

Once you are done with installing all Samsung drivers to your PC, the next thing is to download rom firmware.

Download the Samsung rom firmware file to your PC and extract it to a folder you can locate it easily.

The firmware extension should end with tar.md5, if not, you need to extract the right file.

Download Odin flashing software and extract it if needed.

Make sure your PC is connected to a power source or well charge to avoid interruption.

Getting the Job done

To begin flashing your Samsung phone, follow the steps below

  1. Launch Odin as administrator
  2. Power of your phone.
  3. Now press and hold the Home button, Volume down and power button, and do not release.
  4. Once you notice vibration, release the power button and keep holding the home and volume down button.
  5. Your phone will boot to the OS installation page.Samsung Phone Home Button Volume down and power
  6. Now, press the volume up button to go to download mode.Samsung Phone Flashing Mode
  7. Now connect your phone to the PC using the USB cord.
  8. Odin will detect your phone by showing you its added on the software.Samsung phone connected to Odin
  9. Once it detects your phone, click the AP or PDA to find the firmware.
  10. The AP or PDA depends on the version of Odin your using.
  11. Now locate the firmware where you extracted, you can just extract it to the desktop for easier access.
  12. Click the firmware file and it will be loaded in Odin.
  13. Wait for Odin to finish analyzing the file.
  14. Once it’s done, Click or tick the AP or PDA option in Odin.Firmware File loaded in Odin and ready for flashing
  15. Click Option and make sure your option settings are as the one below.Odin Options settings to avoid brick
  16. After then, now click Start to begin flashing.
  17. I will advise you to drop your smartphone where it won’t be interrupted
  18. Shaking or interrupting the flashing could ruin the phone for life.
  19. Wait for the flashing to finish and your phone will reboot once its done.
  20. Now unplug your phone and enjoy it.


If you experience any problem trying this method on how to flash Samsung phones using Odin, please drop off a comment below.

Or you can contact us for help.

There are other methods to flash Samsung smartphones, Samsung MediaTek smartphones for example.

If your Samsung phone is MediaTek chipset, you will need SP Flash Tool to flash firmware to it.

You can follow there to flash your Samsung phone if its MediaTek.

I hope this works for you without any problem.

Good Luck.


  1. I have tried downgrading the operating system loading the following items BL, AP, CP and CSC into Odin… and the system is Android 9 . This process fails me… I will try again using only the AP if it will pass the process. My concern for downgrading is for VoLTE to appear again in my system since VoLTE was there before year 2020. This concern will be regarding about CSC maybe i will try to flash with AP and CSC only. Thanks for your vlog i learned something would be helpful. I will leave reply what would be the outcome of my attemt to downgrade….

  2. how do i know i download the correct firmware.i have a phone that stays in bootloop.i do not know what rom to download.its a smg 925f.also it has a message saying load drk first

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