How to flash firmware to Huawei Smartphone

Today, I am going to show you how to flash firmware to Huawei Smartphone which will help you fix your Huawei smartphone in just a few minutes.

Flashing smartphones can be hard and Huawei smartphones are no exemption.

Sometimes, we run into the situation that the only option left is flashing our smartphone.

Flashing your Huawei smartphone can help fix a lot of issues, mostly software related issues.

Some of the software related issues you can fix on many Huawei includes

  • Fix Lags
  • Unroot your Huawei smartphone
  • unbrick your phone.
  • Restore back your warranty.
  • Restore stock to your Huawei smartphone.
  • Get your stock recovery back.
  • Reset your Huawei phone.
  • Wipe or reset lock screen.
  • And many more.

After seeing the benefit above, I know you you’d wish to proceed immediately.

Without wasting much of our time, let us begin.

To begin with the flashing, you are going to need some flashing equipment.

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Requirements for flashing Huawei smartphones.

  1. An SD Card (Format if possible).
  2. A Windows PC.
  3. A good battery back both on Windows PC and your Huawei phone.
  4. A working USB cord.
  5. flashY tool

After getting the above requirements, then, you are good to go.

Remember that we won’t be responsible for any damage the method we provide here might bring to you. You are highly responsible for the outcome.

There are some methods for flashing firmware to Huawei smartphones.

I will be listing two of the methods.

The method to flash Huawei firmware through the SD card.

This method is for people who can still access their Huawei smartphone.

First of all, create a folder on the root folder of your SD card and name it dload.

The root folder is once you open your SD card without opening another folder or file.

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Copy or paste the firmware file that comes as an to the dload folder.

Extract the firmware you downloaded if you cannot find the

Once you copy the file as instructed above, open your phone settings app.

Go to Settings >>> Updates and select the Local Updates.

It will automatically scan the firmware you recently copied and present it for flashing.

Flash it and wait for it to finish the installation.

Your phone will reboot after installing the firmware, enjoy it.

The second method is flashing through the stock recovery of your Huawei smartphone.

Using stock recovery to flash your Huawei firmware.

Just like we instructed above, follow the same step to create a folder and copy your to the dload folder.

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Boot or reboot your phone to recovery and the flashing will begin automatically.

Wait for it to finish and when it finishes, it will reboot your phone to the new firmware.

How to full flash or clean flash your Huawei

This method is where you need the PC.

Download the FlashY tool to your Windows PC and extract the Flashy Tool to your desired folder.

Launch the FlashY tool and make sure that your Huawei bootloader is unlocked.

Copy and extract the full firmware you downloaded to the root folder of FlashY tool and run Flash.bat to begin.

Connect your Huawei smartphone with the USB cord and wait for the flashing to finish.

Once done, reboot your phone and enjoy it.

If you experience any problems with How to flash firmware to Huawei Smartphone, please drop a comment below.

How To Flash Firmware

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