How To Start A Cell Phone Business From Home

Do you want to start a mobile phone business? Well, you may have a clue about how it works or not but in today’s article, you are doing business. 

Today, I will be sharing one business idea in the smartphone world and how you can get started as an individual.

Now, not everybody is opportune to see this post but if you do, you are a lucky person then.

The idea came up just after publishing the last article yesterday about 4GB ram phones with good battery life.

I want you to know that I have not tried this business myself and I won’t guarantee a 100% success rate if you venture into it.

With that being said, let’s quickly answered some great questions. 

Before we start, have you heard of dropshipping?

If yes, just skip to the next heading and if NO read the continue reading.


What Is Dropshipping Business?

I won’t border you with dictionary words, just straight to the point.

Dropshipping is a business where you get the product from delivered from the manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer to a customer without seeing or touching the product by yourself.


For example:

I run an online store that the products on it do not belong to me. 

If anybody buys through me, I will send the details to the manufacturer and they ship the product to the customer. I get paid for doing it.

Now, the manufacturer may be on amazon, Alibaba, or eBay store depending on whatever you choose. 


Going down to our business Idea. 

You can start something similar using the jumia store. 

Where you let people know that you can help them get a particular smartphone at a discount. 

How you do that is not different from drop shipping. 

You can still sell more and make more money without moving an inch from the comfort of your home. 

The business is promising and you are never at a loss. 

However, I will give you some personal advice on how to get this business going while doing anything you are currently doing.


Who is This Business for?

The business is for anybody interested in making money online. 

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Be it a student, married or single person. 

Let me burst your bubbles even more. 

You can run this business with your wife or soul mate depending on how the relationship is strong. 

You need to be like-minded in the internet or social media world.

Trust me, you don’t need to be perfect to start the business. 


How much does it cost to open a mobile phone Business?

Well, this particular business costs zero investment in funds but requires time and resources investment.


Time investment where you need to actively find people who are looking to buy phones or any other gadget online. You can take it up from there.


Time investment could also mean building trust with new and existing customers to get even more sales. 

Maybe you don’t know what makes you so special in this business, let me tell you.


As a business owner in this line, you get paid for every purchase made through you and still help your customers get up to 50% discount. 

The discount can still occur even when there is a discount on the product you are buying. 

As far as the item is purchased through you, there will be something tangible for you and discount for your customer.


Is Mobile Phone Business profitable?

Yes, the reason is that many people want to stay on top of the trends and want better experience using phones. 

An example is the outburst of new smartphones with notch display, better storage, speed, AI camera and more. 

You see, as long as the smartphone world evolves with need devices, there is a high rise in need to stay above the trend.


How Do I Become a Mobile Phone Business Owner?

Introducing Jumia Force also known as Jforce. 

How To Start A Cell Phone Business From Home
How Jforce Works

Jumia introduced a new way to make money for yourself even when you shop for yourself. In this scheme, you are your boss and you control what you earn. 

You become a jumia sales consultant and make money.

Other benefits include FREE training and you get certified as a trusted seller on jumia with your account. 

What’s more interesting? You can work anywhere in the world with no restrictions. Take vacations when you want. Great right?

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How Do I Become A Jforce?

  • To become A Jforce visit with your mobile or desktop.
  • Allow the page to load and click start now.
  • fill out the form that will be provided appropriately
  • Hit the submit button and you are done

Joined yet? Here is what you need to do next.


Strategize On How and Where To Get Customers.


This is where the main job starts because you have to convince people to trust you and your new-found business.

One better way to start is with the help of friends or family members. Let them know that you can help them order their next smartphone from jumia on a discount.

Doing that will help you expand the business, also make every successful sale worth diamond by doing the right things possible. I must tell you if you are shy about the business you are likely never to get a customer. 

So, treat like your own business and do to this business what you will do to your own if it was be owned by you.


In the quest for recruiting new customers

Don’t be an aggressive seller. Build relationships and use the right choice of words. My network marketing course and book taught me that it helps you win customers the right way. Customers look at your performances.


Attitude is Everything

Never change that, be who you are but be as kind as you can for your attitude means everything. 

But be rest assured, a good attitude always wins the game and it can’t be faked.

Sorry if I am trying to sound like a motivational speaker with my lines. 

I speak the truth with my experience so far.

However, if there is anything you want to learn about selling, Jumia Force will train FREE on that aspect.

My job here is to pitch you the business idea. Oh, before I forget one thing, smell nice and try to package yourself well, good looking means great customers. 

Be fluent, don’t confuse your customers by telling them the unnecessary. 

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A better way is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer, think like a customer and sell like a salesperson.


Back to the selling of your Phone


When your customer chooses a smartphone, make sure it is what they want and help them make the right choice. If you are not techy about phones, employ the help of somebody nearby or a friend. This way you can be sure you are doing them good.


Be on The Watch, Crush Jumia Anniversary and Sell HOT.


One big shopping festival that jumia throws year in year out is your biggest shot. 

People are ready to buy but they lack means of getting items shipped during this time by jumia. 

Place an offer to help them in that particular area, school or flat. 

Make purchases and screenshot their receipt plus the date of arrival. 

Make your office or residential address the pick up station. 

Once an item arrived, call the owner to pick it up immediately. 

Jumia can also ship it directly to the buyer.


Be on The Watch, Be The Smartphone Whiz.

Believe me or not, when you are always breaking the news about new smartphones to your customers. You will become the Smartphone Whiz. 


Don’t Go Mobile Phone Business Only, Be Wild

Yes, as much as I want you to focus on smartphones, help people buy what they desire even more. Be it groceries, TVs, Kitchenwares, Baby Kits, and Toys.

Just try to be business-wise about all this and I see you and your team (if any) banking big now and then.


Conclusion on How To Start A Cell Phone Business From Home

Now that you know How To Start A Cell Phone Business From Home.

Try to upgrade your skills by taking on online business seminars to help you embark on the journey well.

Never stop learning and learn the qualities of selling.

Before you left already, what business idea do you have to share? or do you have anything to contribute? Let’s hear from you via the comment section.

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