Smartphones: Why Are They Called So?

At the very beginning, we must get back to the emergence of smartphones dated back to 1992 by IBM. It was then known as Simon but was launched in 1993. It was marketed by the company BellSouth.

If you still haven’t tried using a smartphone you can try to get mobile phones on rent to get an idea about the operations. Back then, a smartphone had features like making and receiving calls, calendar, address book, world block, notepad as well as received and sent FAX. Here are the points which make it as smart as the name itself : 

  • Technology 

A smartphone is supposed to have connectivity with any service provider, it uses the technology of digital radio which we undertook by the majority of mobile phones. The gadget functions because of the transformation of information into binary data which is a sequence of zeroes and ones which are compressed to allow transmission.

A smartphone has the capability of controlling the information it comprises because it uses a technology known as FSK, which utilizes two different frequencies. Every individual frequency is entirely devoted to a specific number in the binary sequence and is interchanged from zero or one for sending the digitized signal to the tower of transmission from the telephone. 

  • Memory 

How information is stored by a smartphone is important for its functioning because of the bigger data amount it deals with. Generally, it comprises an internal memory and is accompanied by a flash-based memory.

There is an external device which is utilized for extra space to keep the information safe on the smartphone. Flash memory is the same as a hard drive that is present in a computer and utilizes electronic signals for creating a binary sequence used for representing the data that is stored. 

  • Battery

A smartphone works by getting its power from a rechargeable battery. A battery is discharged when the electrons move from negative to positive locations.

In a rechargeable battery, electricity is used to transfer the electrons back to their places of origin. The speed at which a smartphone restores its power depends on the amount of electric current that the charger allows it to flow.

Characteristics of a Smartphone:  

The following are some important characteristics of a smartphone: 

  • It lets you make and receive phone calls
  • It is supportive of email and chances of social media connectivity
  • It enables thirty party program installation 
  • It supports Wi-Fi or other wireless connectivity 
  • It consists of contact management, digital agenda
  • It lets you use any kind of interface for data input like touch screen, QWERTY keyboard 
  • It allows reading documents in various formats like Microsoft office file and PDF
  • It permits you to use the internet over 4g technology 

Henceforth, the points mentioned above can be reasons why smartphones are called so. They have a wide range of features that allow the users to carry on different functions. Not just calling and messaging, but smartphones can be used for numerous other operations. You can rent laptop online if you need one but don’t want to invest much. 


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