6 Android Apps for Web Designers in 2019

Working as a web designer is something really awesome and you want to make everything work for you on the Go. In this article, I have a list of 6 android apps for web designers to help them make workflow easy and scalable.


Why Do You Need Theses Android Apps?

If you are a web designer, you must have deadlines to meet and you must have projects to present or a presentation to showcase at an event. All of these apps make it easier for you to 

  • Communicate
  • Share files
  • Present Projects
  • Make Payments
  • Create slides 
  • Code and View Works 
  • Work Remotely, and
  • Learn remotely as well


6 Android Apps for Web designers in 2019

The following apps are the most essential for all web designers and should be used. Most of the apps are free to use.

#1. Color Grab (free)

Color Grab is a great tool that allows you to pick colors on the go. It allows you to pick, capture and recognize colors with the help of the camera by pointing at the specific area. Any web designer would want to confirm which color to use for his or her project first before starting out. This android app makes it easy simple and fast to use whenever and wherever you are. You are on the journey of color inspiration? Take color grab to ease the workflow for you.

Features of Color Grab For android

  • Capture Natural areas with the phone camera or Upload a photo using the app
  • Pinch the or select the color that you like on the photo
  • Collect the Colors and save for immediate or later use
  • Find the perfect color by harmonizing color combination
  • It helps in precision, allowing you to calibrate and avoid light distortions.
  • Refine and tune your colors
  • Allows you to mix any pair of color thereby helping you to blend.
  • You can easily export colors to use on any app for coding and designing


#2. Dcoder

Made for every web designer or web developer put there, you need this handy Android app. Simple one of the best apps to code anything on the go. It accepts all types of coding scripts available to date. 

This IDE lets you code and views your work in-app or with a second party browser such as chrome.

Easily learn and code algorithms using programming language.

Features of Dcoder

  • Compile any programming language on the go
  • Choose any Language to work with.
  • Supports over 31 Programming languages (HTML and CSS as basic)
  • Undo and Redo
  • Custom Menu Drawer, Custom Code Editor Them, etc


#3. DropBox

Dropbox, a second to none as Google drive lets you share files, collaborate on projects and bring and raign limelights to your best ideas.

As a web designer, you want to be able to access and complete projects quickly while you are not with your PC. Using Dropbox, you can access all your projects on the go. Even when you are stuck in traffic or were not comfortable to use your laptop.


#4. Thinking Space AKA Mindjet

This app is the best app to capture and organize information visually. It allows you to brainstorm and make every idea come true. If you see anything that works with your project, you easily take them to note, brainstorm and then make that idea a task to be finished using Mindjet.  As it is name implies, you create a thinking space for your projects.


#5. SnapMod

After completing your designs as a web designer what do you do? Do you just save your work or sample them to your clients? Well, this app helps you to create screenshots or mock-ups of your project to share with your colleagues or clients on the go. 

Auto Generate mock-ups by choosing the screenshot layout of the mobile Website or App UI using snapmod. This app is available on android or


#6. Udemy 

As a web designer, you need to learn as you create stunning designs. The more that you learn, the more your knowledge of design cool websites grow bigger. It is very important that you learn from advanced web designers most especially if you are just starting out. My take on the udemy app is that, since they offer cool discounts on courses and help you learn new ideas any day and anywhere that you feel is convenient for you. It is a must-have app.

I know other learning spaces with apps such as coursera, Lynda, but I chose to recommend Udemy because of the following reasons.

  • All courses downloaded on your android can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • Makes learning fast and easy 
  • Auto translation technology is a feature that lets you learn from different languages.
  • Option to change how video is downloaded or rendered and most of all
  • Courses on udemy are cheap and affordable.
  • Certificates are earned are presentable and recommended


Conclusion on 6  Android Apps for Web Designers in 2019

From my own perspective as a WordPress web developer, these are the apps that I use and think will be of great help to any other web designer out there. From my picks so far.

These are the most essential Android Apps for web designers in 2019

  1. Color Grab
  2. Dcoder
  3. DropBox
  4. Thinking Space (Mindjet)
  5. SnapMod
  6. Udemy App


Do you know any other app that is essential to web designers? Kindly share your app suggestion via the comment section so that other visitors see.

Thank you, I hope this article helps you choose the apps for a web design process that will increase productivity.

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